It is especially important for the company VEKS from the very beginning of its activity process to have high and progressive technology. In wood, stone and metal production VEKS uses only machinery of high accuracy – progressive and high-qualified ones.
Production process is supported by unique machinery in such kind of equipment which is available only in VEKS within the territory of Armenia and the near regions as well.
For wood drying VEKS uses Italian vacuum drier equipment which is for drying various kinds of wood. The main assurance for the quality of wood products is the dryness of wood (8-9% humidity), which prevents the product from any kind of deformation. In addition continual production process is guaranteed due to this equipment. In the contrary to other types of driers which achieve the same result in 45 days the above mentioned equipment of our company achieves it in 3-7 days. Besides the required dryness the highly productive equipment supports process steadiness.
Italian and German program machines of high-accuracy such as PAOLINI, MEBER, MORBIDELLI, STETON realize wood-processing at their best and are the core factors for providing BEST QUALITY.
For polishing, edging and cutting the stones VEKS uses Italian machinery such as LEVI TUNISI, BRETON. These machines also realize the cutting, polishing and edging of the slabs and tiles.
The designed stone-working process is done by American machinery such as WATERJET and Italian ones such us COUNTERBRETON.
Our company gives much attention to the auxiliary facilities which allows us to keep the machine park in the ideal state.

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