Furniture Production

The company has been producing furniture since its inception. The success of the company in this field is due to:

  • Machines equipped with modern technologies imported from Italy and Germany

  • Experienced specialists who have been trained by the specialists of the companies producing the above-mentioned machines.

In several high-tech factories, skilled craftsmen create incredibly interesting, beautiful solutions, combining several advantages at once – high-quality and stylish furniture.

Some local wood species are used as raw materials, which are dried in a vacuum dryer. The variety of color palettes, the use of different veneers allows to meet the most demanding needs of the customer.
Wood, MDF, glass, metal and stone are mainly used for interior decoration.


The company, in particular, specializes in the production of hotel furniture:

  • Complete furnishing of the hotel room

  • Reception

  • Guestroom

  • Restaurant furniture

  • Public areas

  • Fire rated doors (30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes according to BM TRADA quality certificate standards)

  • Wooden panels for wall coverings

  • Skirting, simple and ornate cornices, strips

VEKS is the only company in the region that has a certificate and a permission to manufacture fire rated doors with fire resistance of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes in accordance with well-known British BM TRADA quality certification standards. The certificate BM TRADA and special labels are provided with the made doors.


The company’s doors are distinguished by both beautiful and modern design as well as the unique 32-42 dB sound insulation.


For hotels, restaurants and other similar organizations, VEKS offers chairs and tables with a distinctive logo.

VEKS Company is also involved in the production of comfortable office and home furniture, multi-style kitchen, lobby, bedroom, living room, summer house and any other type of furniture.

The company’s powerful manufacturing capabilities, on the one hand, and highly qualified professionals, on the other hand, enable to develop production in both mass production and individual orders. High quality is provided not only by high-quality equipment but also by paints used in production. They are non-allergenic dyes and varnishes that do not wear out, do not scratch, and are strong enough to preserve wood textures.


The company offers both the works of famous designers and models created by highly qualified masters. 

At VEKS, you can order furniture and enjoy the furniture you dream of in a very short time, as the company’s specialists will fulfill your order in the shortest possible time. In addition to orders for the mentioned range, you can even implement your imaginary furniture. You give the idea, and the specialists – the furniture.


The company guarantees its products. Delivery and installation are free of charge.


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